Windy City Barbershop - Shave Soap

Windy City Barbershop - Shave Soap

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A smooth powdery barbershop fragrance with the elements of the Windy City.

Scent notes: Amber, Musk, Bay Rum, Pink Pepper, Steel & Gunpowder

A traditional hot process handmade shaving soap formulated especially for wet shaving poured into low profile container to allow for easy brush loading.

(This product requires a shaving brush)


Canard Base: Stearic Acid, Water, Kokum Butter, Potassium Hydroxide, Palm Kernel Oil, Duck Fat, Sodium Hydroxide, Castor Oil, Glycerin, Jojoba Oil & Sodium Lactate


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    Great Soap

    Posted by Jonathan Radin on Apr 16th 2018

    A touch of Bay Rum mixed with a fresh breeze off Lake Michigan. Wonderful moring wake up for a morning shave. Great lather as all Oleo Soapworks products have.

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    windy city barbershop is a winner

    Posted by on Feb 20th 2018

    Subtle talc fragrance leaves you smelling clean and dapper.
    Suds well, even with hard water. Great lubricity as well.

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    World's Best Barbershop Shaving Soap

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 16th 2017

    When Oleo decided to release a Barbershop scented soap they (And when I say them, I mean Vida) definitely put a new and welcome spin on the scent. The soap creates a very thick and cushiony lather with plenty of protection. Did I mention slickness? Holy Cow!!! there was tons of slickness. Overall it was an amazing shave.

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    Really love this soap!!

    Posted by John Franco on Jul 15th 2017

    Being somewhat new to DE Shaving I have stuck pretty much to the larger commercial soap offerings. After catching a YouTube video from Steve Walker who had gone to the meet up and received one of these and spoke well of it I knew I had to try it. I was very pleased with the sickness of the soap as well as the rich dense lather it creates...definitely offers good protection. As for the scent it has a lovely vanilla/cinnamon kind of scent to it I do enjoy it. This was my first artisan shave soap and I plan on purchasing some of Oleo Soapworks other offerings.